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Summer Series of Deep Breathing Exercises for Children Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Miss Farrah’s summer deep breathing exercises. Each week I taught a different breathing exercise for children to practice and add it to their sensory toolbox. The goal is to fill your child’s toolbox with a variety of calming tools. I have added the remaining six videos to conclude the summer series. Remember all ages can use these deep breathing exercises, so try each one out to discover which one is best for you. My favorite is fish breathing and dragon breathing.

#1Hot Air Balloon Breathing

This week we will learn Hot Air Balloon Breathing. Children will visualize blowing up three balloons until they start floating up in the air. Have fun with your child by imagining going on a trip. Where will your child choose for your trip? What will you see on your trip? This is a fun and easy breathing exercise that children can do anytime they need to slow their body down or push away anxious feelings.

#2 Happy Breathing

With so much negative in the world to bog you down and make you feel terrible Miss Farrah decided to teach everyone how to do Happy Breathing. Children are asked to come up with a positive saying like “I am Happy!” During deep breathing littles can think of the words or they can say the words out loud. Miss Farrah has days that all the negativity makes her feel blue. On blue days it is helpful to practice Happy Breathing to bring light to a dark time. Remember to be kind and be the light in someone’s world.

#3Volcano Breathing

This week Miss Farrah is teaching us how to do volcano breathing. Sometimes Miss Farrah will get mad and hold her feelings in where they will boil until she erupts. This is not good to hold onto all that anger instead Miss Farrah will do volcano breathing to calm down. She challenges all her friends to try volcano breathing to calm down instead of erupting!

#4 Fish Breathing

This week Miss Farrah is teaching us how to do fish breathing. She will model sitting up nice and tall, breathing slowly through her nose and then breathing out her mouth. Using your imagination to turn your hand into a fish swimming through the ocean. This will help little ones to exhale while moving the fish forward through the water. Another fun way to practice deep breathing!

#5 Tumble Dryer Breathing

This week we will learn Tumble Breathing.You will notice when breathing out Miss Farrah moves her fingers in a tumbling motion like a clothes dryer. This visual helps little ones to know when to breath in and out. The goal of tumble breathing is to help little ones to calm down. Remember to keep practicing the breathing exercises with your child for the more they practice the better they will be.

#6 Dragon Breathing

This week Miss Farrah is teaching the deep breathing exercise called Dragon Breathing. If you have ever seen a picture of a dragon then you have seen them blow fire out their mouth. Miss Farrah instructs children to breath in through their nose while pushing their arms up toward the sky. Then bringing hands down near their mouth to slowly breath out pretend fire to be a dragon. Remember to keep practicing all the fun breathing exercises that Miss Farrah taught all summer. *Disclaimer fire is extremely dangerous and it can cause serious injuries!!! Miss Farrah never encourages little ones to play with fire.

I had such a fun time making and sharing these videos with everyone! I would love to hear which breathing exercise is your favorite? Remember have fun trying these breathing techniques. Get creative with your child to make up your own breathing exercises.

Enjoy and thank you for watching!

❤️ Miss Farrah

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