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Tons Of Tools To Help Me Be Me!
Book Information

The main goal for this book is to help young children learn calming tools when they feel like the character Nervous Nelly. They will also learn alerting tools to help them when their bodies are running slow like Seymour the Snail. The tools in the story are simplistic for children, and practical enough for all!! Help your child fill their toolboxes with easy to use tools, so they can be at their best everyday.

Sea Of Feelings


 Scuba Farrah takes your child on an underwater adventure meeting different sea creatures. Each sea creature will describe how they are feeling, and how each emotion impacts their mind and body. Give your child the gift of being able to safely swim in a sea of feelings with all the tools needed for their emotional health and wellbeing.

Copy of Car Life with Kids Graphics To s


Because every car ride should be a page-turner! 

Author and Illustrator Farrah Raines believes that everyone has a super power to share with the world. You may be really good at drawing, singing, baking, listening, or helping others. The biggest challenge is discovering it. When you find what your passionate for, or those special skills that can change a persons life then take the leap to make a difference! Farrah's father was a superhero in her eyes and no he did not have super strength or jump from tall buildings. His superpower was believing. He taught Farrah to believe in herself no matter how hard things got.

That life lesson taught from her father inspired Farrah to write her new children book called Finding the Super You! This story follows a young girl named Farrah on a quest to find her super powers. Follow along as Farrah meets superhero's, and some villains along the way. This is a great story to read to children to fuel conversation about self confidence, friendship, teamwork and self determination.

Enjoy this fun adventurous story where the reader will be introduced to the following characters:
Super Hero's
Sweet Pea
Purple Power

The Protector
White Knight
Super Farrah
Mind Mixer
Dream Crusher

Author Farrah Raines dressed as a super hero holding her book Finding the Super You!





I read this book and it was so good! I loved all the pictures and loved how it was easy to read.


Coloring  Book 

If you enjoy this coloring book then please check out the children's book that inspired this coloring book called Tons Of Tools To Help Me Be Me. It would make a great gift for a child to have the storybook along with the coloring book.
Activity ideas:

  • Read the story together with your child and then pick your favorite character from the book to color.

  • Let your child make up their own story to go along with the pictures in the coloring book.

  • Color a picture with your child and then have fun practicing the sensory tools that are mentioned in the book.

  • Have fun making up a list of your own sensory tools that help you calm down or alert your mind and body.

  • Color the pictures and display then for all your friends and family to enjoy.

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