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Breathe With Me.

Hello everyone,

Miss Farrah here and I am so excited to have had the opportunity to make these deep breathing videos this summer, and even happier to be able to share them with everyone. This summer was such a great summer filled with many new opportunities for me. With that being said I was sad to see summer break come to an end. As summer comes to an end and kids head back to school, I wanted to share all my deep breathing exercises with everyone. Some children will be super excited to return to school, but others may be feeling anxious. New routine, possibly a new building, and new people are all factors to consider. Now is a great time to start practicing these six deep breathing exercises to help your children when returning back to school.

Remember parents, caregivers, and educators you may also be feeling anxious, and it never hurts to practice these deep breathing exercises with your children. I can honestly tell you that I tackled some anxious feelings heading back to work a few weeks ago due to a lot of changes happening. Shoulder roll and color breathing has been my two favorite exercises to help me decrease my nervousness. A coworker had to take a very important test over the summer and shared how she used some of the deep breathing exercises from my previous videos. She shared how much it helped her in this very stressful situation. Why am I telling you this? I want you to now there is no age limit to learning these deep breathing exercise because they can help you no matter how old you are. Sure, I gear them toward a younger audience, but they can be used by all even the big kids. With that being said here is the summer deep breathing series try them out and see which one will work for you and your child.

Video #1: Shoulder Roll Breathing

Miss Farrah returns this week to teach you another deep breathing exercise as part of the summer deep breathing series. This exercise is called shoulder roll breathing. Viewers will be instructed to breathe in slowly through their nose while moving shoulders up. Next viewers will breathe out through their mouth while moving shoulders back and down making a circle. Repeat breathing exercise 3-4 times. Remember the more you practice the better you will be!

Video #2 Color Breathing

Enjoy another deep breathing video from Miss Farrah’s summer series. Follow along as Miss Farrah teaches you how to do Color Breathing. You will first think of a favorite color. As you inhale through your nose imagine the color enters the top of your head and fills your body for the count of three. While you exhale through your mouth you will imagine blowing the color into the air for the count of four. Repeat this breathing technique 3-4 times to help you as a calming tool. Remember the more you practice the better you will be!

Video #3 Rainbow Breathing

This week's video in the Summer Deep Breathing Series shows Miss Farrah teaching Rainbow Breathing. First breath in through your nose while placing hands together. Then breath out through your mouth while moving your top hand in the direction of a rainbow. Practice exercise 3-4 times to encourage a calming effect. Remember to practice deep breathing every day. The more you practice the better you will be! Make every day count!!!

Video #4 Birthday Cake Breathing

Let’s celebrate your birthday with Miss Farrah. Follow along as she teaches you birthday cake breathing. Make a wish and blow out your candles. Start out by sitting up nice and tall and place your hand in front of you imagining each of your fingers is a birthday candle. Take your time and breathe in through your nose and the blow out the candle. Repeat process until you blow out each candle.

Video #5 Superhero Breathing

The next video in the summer deep breathing series has just launched! Grab your mask and cape and learn superhero breathing with Super Farrah. The character Super Farrah is from the children’s book Finding the Super You! (Find out more about the book at the link below) In this video Super Farrah will teach you to breathe in while lifting your arms toward the sky. Breathe out of your mouth while pushing your arms down toward the ground. You will be a superhero and help Super Farrah rescue a cat stuck in a tree. Sometimes we have scary situations in our lives that we have no control over. Superhero breathing can help us calm our mind and bodies when a scary situation arises. Remember superhero friends keep practicing the deep breathing exercises because the more you the practice the better you will be. Check out the book Finding the Super You! By Author Farrah Raines:

Video #6 Snake Breathing

Enjoy this new video as Miss Farrah teaches a new deep breathing exercise called Snake Breathing. Sitting up nice and tall Miss Farrah instructs the kids to bring their hands together while breathing in through their noise. Next breathe out through the mouth while moving hands forward in a slithering motion. Repeat 3-4 times to help with calming. Remember the more you practice the better you will be.

Whether you are heading back to school, trying something new, or maybe it is just a difficult day I hope you will try deep breathing to help you feel better. I would love to hear which breathing exercise is your favorite to use. Remember have fun trying these breathing exercises. Get creative with your child and make up your own breathing exercises. Of course, I am going to end with the reminder of the more you practice the better you will be!

Enjoy and thank you for watching!

Love Miss Farrah

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