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Home Care Nurse, Grit & Glitz, Team Member of On Purpose Ministries, Cassie Brown

In this blog, I am spotlighting an amazing woman by the name of Cassie Brown. I had the great honor to be a guest on Grit & Glitz Woman Crush Wednesday hosted by Cassie. She made me feel so welcomed and comfortable during my interview. I will include a link to my interview at the end of this blog for anyone who would like to view Cassie interviewing me. I absolutely love how supportive and caring Cassie is toward women who are trying to make a difference. Not only does she give women an opportunity to be spotlighted she is bringing women together to network and build a supportive community. This is why I recommend everyone to take a few minutes to read all about this lovely lady.

1. Tell me your name and a little bit about yourself professionally and personally (like what you enjoy doing when you’re not working)?

My name is Cassie Brown, I am a wife of Nic (my best friend) mom of two girls, and stepmom of an amazing young man. When I am not working I like to write creative stories, read books, and spend time going on walks with Nic, and help my girls with gymnastics.

2. Where do you work and/or your company name?

I multi vocational. I work full-time as a Home Care nurse for the Cleveland Clinic. I run Grit & Glitz, a woman's community for women in business in Tusc County. I am a part of an amazing team at On Purpose Ministries, a local bible community for busy women.

3. What is your role?

My role in whatever I do is to help people be the best versions of themselves. I believe loving people means helping them overcome in every area of their life. With nursing, it's helping them take control and understand their disease process. At Grit & Glitz, it's supporting local women in business. At On Purpose, it's helping them discover their purpose in who God called them to be.

4. How long have you been in this role?

I have been a nurse for seventeen years.  I started On Purpose in 2015 and Grit & Glitz in 2020. 

5. What type of skills are important and required for a person to have in your role?

  1. Hard skills, which are knowing how to perform certain tasks

  2. Critical thinking: being able to discern what is needed in every situation

  3. Compassion: loving people and helping them right where they are. 

6. Please tell the readers something they would be surprised to know about you.

I love to sing, I tried out for American Idol when I was nineteen.  It was an amazing experience.  

7. What’s a typical day or week for you at your job/organization?

It’s consistently navigating roadblocks and chaos.  My job is stressful but fun.  There are days I want to quit and days I am so thankful I get to help others.  I have a well of passion that is protected by the resilience and it helps me keep getting back up.  I normally start my day at 7 and end nursing around 5.  I work on everything else in between times and I end up in bed by ten every night exhausted but thankful. 

8. What are some of the challenges of your role?

Compassion Fatigue and burnout are the two greatest challenges.  Everything I do is about people.  My compassion is my greatest strength and weakness.  People are draining at times.  They die, they get worse, they can be mean, and they can grow and change.  If I don’t take care of myself my compassion is muted and I don’t give as much as I normally would.  Prioritizing self-care is so important.  

9. What are the rewards?

I get to be a part of changing someone’s life.  Normally I am present in their hardest season and walking with people through a crisis is a holy reward.   I will see people in the grocery store that tell me everything that’s going on with them.  I love people genuinely and helping someone find community, get healthy, and have a better quality of life is the absolute reward. 

10. What would you recommend to someone who is considering going into a role like yours? Or something you wish you could tell your younger self when you first started out in the business?

Your who is not your do, but you bring all of who you are into whatever you do.  You are not defined by what you do or how well you do it.  You are defined by who you are. If you lack integrity that will spill out into everything you do. If you love people that will spill out into everything you do.  You are the most valuable resource in your life, your health and wellness matter.  

11, Do you have any words of wisdom for the readers?

Never discount the value of resilience.  I started off with a bad family reputation, poverty, abuse, and a broken mindset.  I made several choices in my life, one of faith and one of resilience.  Keep getting back up, don’t quit.  

12. Please highlight some of the events/projects/services you offer. 

a. Grit & Glitz networking events in Tusc County are on our Facebook Page

b. I offer personal coaching and training on resilience, burnout, compassion fatigue, and soft skill development. 

13. What is next for you?

We have had some interest in Grit & Glitz Stark County and are looking at expanding our horizons of creating a community for women in business.  

14.  How can people reach you with questions or find out more about all the great services you offer?

Cassie Brown on Facebook 

15. Please feel free to share anything else you would like to share with readers.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to share, it is truly an honor and a privilege and I want you to know you are worthy of love and good things in life.  

Click the link below to watch Cassie interview Farrah on #WCW for Grit & Glitz

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