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Studio Owner, Dance Teacher, CEO Lacey Herbert-Stephen

This blog Spotlight features studio owner, dance teacher, and CEO of the Adaptive Movement Center Lacey Herbert-Stephen. I have the honor of knowing this very talented woman who is very passionate and driven to make a difference in the community. Lacey radiates energy and love for her students, staff, and parents as she shows that through her big bear hugs, and her beautiful smile that lights up the room. She gave me the opportunity to join her staff last season to teach the sensory and movement classes for children and adults with developmental disabilities. It has been a blast to team up with Lacey and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

I chose August 13 to Spotlight this talented woman for today is Lacey Day!! Did you know “Lacey Day” was proclaimed on August 13th 2010 by Mayor Taylor. The proclamation was awarded to Lacey the day her studio first opened. She was 20 years old and had gotten a $30,000 small business loan (which was a lot back then lol) on her own without any co signer, collateral or anything to stand on. It took her 12 banks to get one to say yes! The proclamation states that from then on every August 13th was to be celebrated as Lacey Day in the city of New Phila, a day to respect the artist and acknowledge that young determined women can make an impact on the world! It is that drive and determination that is changing lives and making a difference in this community. Please read on to learn more about this amazing woman!

1.) Tell me your name and a little bit about yourself professionally and personally (like what you enjoy doing when you’re not working)?

I am Lacey Herbert-Stephen, I have 2 children and 2 step children. I have been a professional dancer for 18 years, I have owned dance studios locally in New Phila for over 10 years. I lived in Los Angeles for 3 years and worked with many artists such as Aaron Carter, The Cheetah Girls, Yung Joc, Justin Bieber and many others. I have traveled to almost every start in the United States and I love to play cards, watch movies and be outside with my kids.

2.) Where do you work and/or your company name?

I am the owner of Lacey Performing Arts Center located in downtown New Philadelphia, I am also the CEO & President of Lacey PAC Adaptive Movement Center and on the weekends I bartend and waitress at Hog Heaven in New Phila!

3.) What is your role?

I am a mother, studio owner, dance teacher, CEO, bartender, waitress!

4.) How long have you been in this role?

I have owned a dance studio for around 10 years and have been a waitress and bartender since 2007

5.) What type of skills are important and required for a person to have in your role?

You need to have determination and must be willing to work long hours. People skills are important for many reasons, know how to manage people but also make them feel appreciated.

6.) Please tell the readers something they would be surprised to know about you?

I do not eat anything white such as Ranch, sour cream, cream cheese, yogurt, mayo, etc. (I do drink milk)

7.) What’s a typical day or week for you at your job?

Checking emails and voicemails, calling my assistant to check in with her and update her on things needing done, working out because to teach dance your body is your main priority. I pay bills, work on marketing and dance!

8.) What are some of the challenges of your role?

Finding time to fit everything in, you have to work around a lot of other peoples schedules so you have to have good time management. Balancing family and work is difficult also, especially since my children are so young.

9.) What are the rewards?

Lots of rewards. Seeing children and adults succeed in class and hit their goals, the expression they give you is remarkable. Seeing happy teachers as they teach class and just watching the community enjoy what you have built is super rewarding.

10.)What would you recommend to someone who is considering going into a role like yours? Or something you wish you could tell your younger self when you first started out into the business?

Slow Down!!!! Rome wasn’t built in a day. Good things take time, stop think and rethink. Make sure you are making good decisions. Trust your gut and the harder you work the more successful you will be.

11.)Do you have any words of wisdom for the readers?

Believe in yourself if you do that than everything will fall in place. Hard work is key to anything.

12.) Please highlight some of the events/projects/services you offer?

We offer dance, acting, singing, tumbling, cheerleading, baton and much more for adults and children ages 6months-adult.

We also offer Sensory & Movement for children and adults with special needs and disabilities.

13.) What is next for you?

The sky is the limit! Currently I am working on purchasing a local building that will be where we have our Adaptive Movement Center – this center is an extracurricular facility for children and adults with special needs and disabilities. It will be open in the evenings after they get off work on school and on weekends – we are so excited to provide our special needs community with a place to call their own.

14.) How can people reach you with questions or find out more about all the great services you offer?

needs that now more than ever before!!

They can call 330-340-5917 or email: We are also on Facebook : Lacey Performing Arts Center

Or stop by the studio: 117 S Broadway New Phila

15.)Please feel free to share anything else you would like to share with readers.

Just always remember on your hardest day someone else has it harder. I just always try to remind people you get one life to live so live it to the fullest and try to spread love and happiness, our world needs that now more than ever before!!

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