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Founder/CEO of YOGA-2-GO LLC and Pediatric Therapist Amy Starkey

In this blog I am spotlighting a very special woman by the name of Amy Starkey who is an amazing therapist, entrepreneur, and most importantly a beautiful person inside and out! I had the privilege to meet Amy when our paths crossed in the therapy world. I was fortunate to spend a 12 week internship with Amy during my pediatric rotation for school. From day one we clicked as we both share the love and passion of working with children. Amy is someone I look up to, for she continues to influence other professionals. I can say she has inspired me to continue to learn and grow and to not be afraid to try new things. Thank you dear friend!! Please take a few minutes to read all about Amy and how she is making a huge impact in her field.

1.) Tell me your name and a little bit about yourself professionally and personally (like what you enjoy doing when you’re not working)?

Amy M. Starkey, COTA/L, RYT200, CTP-E.

I have worked in pediatric/school-based OT for 23 years now. Seeing the stress firsthand that our students and educators experience on a daily basis and wanting to offer them effective, natural support to navigate the school day with more peace was my impetus for starting YOGA-2-GO, LLC.

I founded YOGA-2-GO in 2007 and have been providing on-site Yoga, SEL and Mindfulness enrichment programs for K-12 schools throughout Ohio, South Carolina and nationally via virtual programming ever since! We offer class programming, professional development trainings, therapeutic consultative services for parents and teachers as well as our RE-MIND© children’s mindfulness product line.

When I’m not working, I enjoy practicing Qigong, taking webinars, gardening, having good conversations with friends, hosting dinner parties and snuggling with my very spoiled cat.

2.) Where do you work and/ or your company name?

I work part-time for Fundamental Communications in Greenville, offering telehealth OT services for the school-aged and early intervention populations.

I run YOGA-2-GO on a full-time basis, providing regular yoga/mindfulness classes, professional development trainings and product sales for K-12 schools and non-profit youth organizations throughout the Upstate.

3.) What is your role?

Founder/CEO of YOGA-2-GO

COTA/L for Fundamental Communications

4.) How long have you been in this role?

COTA since 1999.

Yoga instructor since 2006.

5.) What’s a typical day or week for you at your job?

Everyday is a variety of yoga classes at various locations (mainly schools and childcare centers) for children of all ages, starting with preschool and going through high school.

6.) What are some of the challenges of your role?

When there are larger groups of students (15-20 per class), it can be a little tricky to get them all settled in and ready to begin our session. However, starting with a lot of movement and then heavy work activities really tends to help improve focus and organization!

7.) What are the rewards?

Seeing the students enjoy the experience of calm and relaxation at the end of our yoga therapy classes. Having them share with me how they were able to use the mindfulness tools they’ve learned in our classes to help them successfully navigate a difficult situation.

8.) What would you recommend to someone who is considering going into a role like yours?

A love for children is a must!

9.) Do you have any words of wisdom for the readers?

Never stop learning, researching and growing in your practice!

10.) Please highlight some of the events/projects/merchandise you offer?


3 different yoga and mindfulness flashcard decks are available as both the physical deck or a digital download option! The C.A.L.M SCHOOL deck is great for classroom use; the RE-MIND deck is helpful as a one-on-one therapeutic intervention tool; and the SEL-MOVE-MIND deck is perfect for those wanting to combine yoga/movement, mindfulness and social -emotional learning skills into their classroom or therapy session.

11.) What is next for you? What a great question! The sky is the limit! I am in the process of hiring independent contractors to expand YOGA-2-GO’s reach throughout South Carolina.

12.) How can people reach you with questions or find out more about all the great programs you offer?



13.) Please feel free to share anything else you would like to share with readers.

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