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Who am I and Why?

Updated: May 27, 2022

My name is Farrah however my students call me Miss Farrah. I am a Licensed Massotherapist, and a certified Occupational Therapy Assistant who works in a school setting. Currently I am working on my kids yoga instructor certification, and will complete by the end of summer.

In the middle of March 2020, my career transitioned from a familiar face to face approach to an entirely new setting of virtual learning due to the pandemic. After two weeks of being at home I was missing my therapy groups that I provide in-person for my students. My therapy groups usually consist of yoga poses, relaxation techniques, sensory regulation strategies, social skills training, emotional regulation, sensory motor activities, and fine motor skill development.

I decided to plan therapy lessons similar to what I do at school. With the help of my husband controlling the camera I donned some fun costumes, and we started filming activities to share with my students. Each video contains a different theme and message for early learners. Channeling my inner child I try to make each video engaging and lighthearted for young children to enjoy watching and learning at the same time.

Through my videos I could reach my students every week by providing activities to participate in at home. This gave them the opportunity to see a familiar face helping them manage through these confusing times. My therapy videos received such a positive response from students and parents that I decided to expand my audience. This was accomplish by making my videos public on my very own YouTube channel, and developing a Facebook page dedicated only to publishing my videos. My intentions is to share my videos with more children to enjoy, and possibly they will learn something new.

I have been told by adults that they also enjoy watching my videos for it is a 10 -15 minute break away from all the negativity in the world right now. Helping others is my main goal behind making and sharing these videos. I hope everyone young or the young at heart can enjoy the adventures, learning to relax and focus on small treasures in life, and building a strong foundation through imaginative play. It has been a learning opportunity for me, and I continue to learn how to make the material better with each video.

Thank you to everyone who supports me for this is what gives me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone to make my videos.

Stay Safe!! Enjoy Life!!


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