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Lets Make An Egg Carton Greenhouse!

Spring has arrived!! If you are looking for a fun hands on activity to do with your child then look no further. Make an egg carton greenhouse out of upcycled cartons allowing your child to learn about the life cycle of a plant.

How to make your greenhouses:

Depending on your child's fine motor skills this could be a great way to practice cutting skills. If your child is still at precutting skills then an adult may need to help with this step.

This is a great task for kiddos to be involved by filling the carton with dirt. This would also be a great opportunity for your child to explore the dirt with their hands. If you are outside and you do not have to worry about making a mess let your child grab a handful of dirt to fill the carton instead of using a cup or tool. This will facilitate a sensory experience.

After you have decided what type of seeds you and your child would like to plant (vegetables, flowers, or herbs) then it is time to plant the seeds. Have your child help you pick up the seeds and place in the individualize cups. This is another great way to encourage your child to use a pincer grasp (thumb and first two fingers) to drop the seeds into the dirt. Finish this step by covering the seeds with soil,

Next step you can have your child help you water, and then cover with plastic wrap.

This step is a great way to work in some handwriting practice into the activity. If your child is able to write letters have your child help with labeling the popsicle sticks. If your child is not at this level then a good alternative to use would be stickers, seed package, or pictures of the vegetables/flowers.

Final step is to place greenhouse near a window to get sunlight. Encourage your child to keep watch on the greenhouses as it can very exciting to see the seeds start to sprout. Once this happens it is time to remove the plastic and make sure to keep the soil moist until it is time to plant.

Extension Activities:

1.) Have your child track the growing process by drawing, or taking pictures of the growth process.

2.) Read books pertaining to plants, vegetables, or flowers.

3.) Use vegetables and flowers to make art pictures. Cut open a bell pepper or potato and let your child stamp prints on construction paper.

4.) Do Yoga or movements geared around a food theme.

5.) Plan menus with the ingredients you are growing in the garden.

The activities are endless when built around gardening and food. Just be creative and have fun.

Click on video to watch as I show you how to make a greenhouse.

Food Yoga and Art Video

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